Basic Yeast Infection Prevention Tips: Things You Should Know



It is very important that we know some natural measures for yeast Infection prevention,  One of the most common infections in this modern world, yeast infection is a disease of both the male and female sex which could be veryYeast Infection prevention images (4)

Caused by a fungus called Candida, the yeast Infection is characterized by burning and uncomfortable sensation in various part of the body like the mouth, the back, the different portions of the skin etc.

The yeast infection disease can be caused by a whole lot of factors, although it affects about 75% of the female population, men are also susceptible to the yeast infection disease when contracted  from their infected partner.

Worthy of note is the fact that Yeast Infection is caused by the overgrowth of a Fungus called
Candida in the body. Every human has Candida living in the various part of the body in the right amount. But there are some factors that could lead to the overgrowth of Candida in the body and eventually result in the yeast infection.

Yeast Infection preventionSome Causes of the Yeast Infection Disease Are:

  • Consuming sugar-riched food
  • Excessive usage of antibiotics
  • Stress could also lead to the yeast infection
  • Use of Contraceptives also causes Candida to overgrow
  • Chlorine intake is also a potential cause of the yeast infection disease
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol provides the right platform for the yeast infection.

Tips to Preventing Yeast Infection

Some of the Basic yeast infection prevention tips are:

  • Always Keep Dry

A moist environment is the perfect atmosphere for yeast to thrive. Although, constant bathing is advised as one of the treatment methods for the yeast infection disease, it is advisable to always keep warm as one of the yeast infection treatment tip. Thus it is advisable to always dry the genitals as soon as possible.

  • As much as Possible, Avoid StressYeast Infection prevention

Research, over the years has shown that the body, in its response to stress produces Cortisol, an hormone that increases the blood level
sugar of the body thus depressing the immune system. This thus creates a conducive environment for the yeast infection to thrive. Therefore, a perfect yeast infection prevention tip is to avoid or reduce the stress level to the minimum

  • Constant washing of the affected part

One of the main causes of yeast infection could be poor hygiene. Therefore, daily and constant washing of the affected areas could reduce the possibility of getting a yeast infection. And once affected with the yeast infection, one of the steps to cure the yeast infection is by thoroughly washing the affected are with water.

  • Yeast Infection prevention download (2)Avoid Tight Clothing

Do you like tight fitting clothing, that is fine, but it is advisable to keep it moderate by not wearing it every day as this can induce the yeast infection disease. Thus it is advisable to always be in an airy-loose fitting cloths and panties likewise as it is one of the basic yeast infection prevention tip.

  • Do Away with Scented Products

Scented products such as pads, Perfumes, tampons, vaginal sprays etc can all equally lead to the yeast infection disease as they disturb the balance of the body. Therefore, simple avoidance of these products is a basic yeast infection prevention tip.

  • Do Away With Products Containing Nonoxynol-9

Nonoxynol-9 is a spermicide that has been linked to yeast infection. Thus avoidance of this product is a basic yeast infection prevention tip. Nonoxynol-9 can be found in some condoms, thus it is advised to always read the content of the product before purchasing.

  • Avoid Warm Baths

A warm environment is one of the perfect environment for Candida to thrive. Thus one of the yeast infection prevention tip is to avoid prolonged exposure to warm baths.

  • Limit The Use of Antibiotics

Antibiotics is one of the medications prescribed by the pharmacist to combat harmful bacteria. But unfortunately antibiotics is not Yeast Infection prevention antibiotics-pills-memeoptimizedconfigured to spare the useful bacteria and exterminate the bad ones. Antibiotics kill off all the bacteria in the intestine thus leaving the body succeptible to the overgrowth of Candida, which in turn leads to the yeast infection. Limiting the usage of antibiotics is a yeast infection prevention tip.

  • Avoid Sex With Infected Partners

Having sex with infected people is one of the most common ways in which the yeast infection is transferred. It is therefore advisable to do away with sex for the main time is the partner is infected so as to prevent transmission.

  • Yeast Infection prevention images (7)Consume Yoghurt

Some Yoghurt contains lactobacillus acidophilus, a naturally friendly bacterium. Thus regular consumption of yoghurt could prevent Candida Overgrowth by balancing the bacterium destroyed as a result of antibiotic consumption. It is therefore advisable to include regular consumption of yoghurt, as it is one of the basic yeast infection prevention tips.

It should be noted that this yeast infection prevention tips is inexhaustible. Having been armed with some of this yeast infection prevention tips, it i best to have them at the back of the mind to avoid any occurrence of the yeast infection disease. But if the yeast infection is already present, there is a number of ways to combat the yeast infection disease.

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