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Natural Solutions to yeast Infections

20 Natural Solutions to Yeast infection

Popularly known as Candida, yeast infection causes id due to a group of microscopic fungi which leads to infections. The popular parts of the body affected are the vaginal, under the breast, nail beds lower abdomen, and beneath skin folds. It commonly affects the ladies after menopause because of the declining estrogen levels in the vaginal walls. And it is not peculiar to the female folks alone, there could be cases of yeast infection in men likewise

The yeast infection symptoms could range from extremely uncomfortable itching, a baked-bread like odor discharge, burning and pain etc. Though commonly occur in women, it could occur in men as well.

Are you suffering from the yeast infection?  Has the infection made your life unbearable? Have you tried all you could to no avail? Well relax, there is good news for you. We have compiled quite a number of yeast infection home remedies for combating the infection at home

  1. Organic Tea Tree OilYeast infection

  • A natural fungal combatant
  • Add few drops of the organic tree oil on a tampon
  • Insert into the vagina for 5 hours in the morning and afternoon
  • It is advisable not to use to bed
  1. Yeast infection download (14)Organic Cranberries

  • The natural juice in the cranberries is good yeast combatant and fungal infections.
  • They help boost healthy pH balance
  • Drink the natural juice alone several times a day.
  1. Organic Plain YogurtYeast infection download (15)

  • It not only fights yeast infection, but also helps to restore pH balance.
  • It can serve as a yeast infection cream
  • Rob plain undiluted yoghurt on the affected part and leave for some hours.
  • For the vagina, soak a tampon in the yoghurt and insert for a couple of hours and remove.
  1. Oregano oil

  • Yeast infection download (16)A very effective yeast infection home remedy
  • Effectively reduces yeast and candida infections.
  • Place 10 drops in a capsule
  • Swallow 3 times daily after meal
  1. Organic Garlic

  • It contains natural anti-fungal properties.Yeast infection Garlic
  • An easily accessible yeast infection home remedy
  • Eat as many fresh garlic as possible each day, ignoring the bad breadth
  • Apply the paste of garlic directly on the affected areas equally
  • It is a well-known anti-bacterial and natural antibiotic.
  1. Olive leaf Extract.

  • Yeast infectionIt is rich in antioxidant, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties
  • Crush the leaves to fine particles and put it into a glass jar with lid
  • Completely soak the leaves in vodka, cover and store for a whole month.
  • Pour out the solution into anther jar, and apply directly on the affected part of the body three times a day.

7.    Oil of Oregano

  • It is an herb with anti-fungal and anti-yeast properties

  • It boost up the immune system to be able to combat CANDIDA, the organism responsible for the yeast infection
  • Dilute the oregano oil with olive oil
  • Apply evenly on the affected areas.

8. Yeast infection download (18) Water

  • A very powerful, yet unknown cure for most illness
  • Daily consumption of 8-10 glass of pure water is very advisable
  • This will induce frequent urination which will in turn flush out the sugar that sustains the yeast.
  1. Coconut Oil Yeast infection download (19)

  • Rich in anti-fungal properties that exterminates yeast
  • Apply Coconut Oil externally on the yeast affected part
  1. Yeast infection Cinnamon-Essential-OilCoconut Oil and Cinnamon oil

  • Add coconut oil to cinnamon oil in equal proportions
  • Apply on the affected part evenly.
  1. Avoidance of Alcohols

  • Wines and beers are fermented
  • They provide a conducive atmosphere for yeast growth
  • Avoidance will reduce the likelihood of infections
  1. Consume Vitamins and SupplementsYeast infection images (4)

  • Vitamins and Supplements are known to boost the immune system
  • Grapefruit extract, golden-seal, vitamin C, zinc, beta carotene etc.

Yeast infection pakmed_gentian_violet_bp_solution_6002852008177

  1. Gentian Violet

  • Can be obtained at the local pharmacist
  • Soak a cotton wool in gentian violet
  • Rob evenly on affected parts
  1. CalendulaYeast infectiondownload (20)

  • It not only controls the growth of yeast, it is also rich in antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Crush fresh leaves of calendula gently
  • Apply on the affected part 2-3 times daily,
  1. Yeast infection images (5)Apple Cider Vinegar with Warm water

  • It is rich in anti-fungi properties
  • Dilute two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water
  • Drink it twice daily
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Prepare a hot bath with some vinegar added
  • Soak the entire body in it for about an hour
  1. Boric AcidYeast infection download (21)

  • A chemical substance rich in antiseptic and antifungal properties
  • Dilute the acid in water
  • Apply the solution all over the affected skin area.
  • leave it on for a few minutes and wash off
  1. Yeast infection calendula_officinalis_calypso_orange_I1559P95084Calendula Leaves

  • An herb, rich in antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Crush two to three calendula leaves
  • Apply on the affected areas
  • Three times daily is advisable.
  • Calendula lotion or ointment can also be used in the absence of the leaves.
  1. Always Keep Dry & Loose

  • Yeast organisms survives rapidly in warm, moist condition with little oxygen
  • Therefore towel immediately after bath
  • Dry clothing is also advisable to get rid of the yeast infection.
  • Change out of any wet clothes as soon as possible.
  • As much as possible, avoid hot tubs or hot baths, they provide a conducive atmosphere for yeast.
  1. Maintain Healthy Hygiene.

  • Change your underwear’s daily
  • Avoid sharing bath-tubs, towels, or even underwear.
  • The hands should be frequently washed.
  • The cloths should be washed with hot water, as it prevents and destroys yeast infection.

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